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 1. "Godzilla Sex Lounge" (cool instrumental)      

 2. "Buried By Love" (celtic egyptian)

 3. "Atop The World" (swirling instrumental)

 4. "The Undertow, Part 2"  (Depeche modesque)

 5. "Most Wonderful American" (funk)

 6. "Exorcist" (dark pop)

 7. "Macho Girl"  (Bowiesque pop)

 8. "Rhonda Doesn't Blink Anymore" (stoner pop)

 9. "Runaway Horse"  (weird 80s pop)

 10. "Strange Movies"  (80s pop)

 11. "Surf's Up(low fi ska)

 12. "The New Siberians" (ambient acoustic)

 13. "F-14"  (silly pop)

 14. "Vanishing Friends"  (dark 80s)

 15. "Waiting for the Crime" (80s pop)

 16. "Yankee Money" (Sylianesque)

 17. "Passion Story"  (happy pop)

 18. "Nymph of Water and Fire" (boingy jam)

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