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short BIO for

MC Radiance

  • MC Radiance is a passionate, intense and fun performer.  Never has he sold out or taken his finger off the Pulse of the Underground.  He is a prolific creator in several media.  Witness mcradiance.com, his vast and fascinating multimedia website... 
  • MC Radiance (aka Russil Tamsen) has been a musician, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist since being a teenager.  He has fronted many creative and cover bands since high school.  He started his performing career in France and England.  He has entertained in America from Philly to Venice Beach to Tampa.  He majored in Theater Arts at Brown University.  The voice of MC Radiance is something else.  Scat jazz, smooth street rap, falsetto soul, raspy acid blues, snarky swing, mideastern scales, ragamuffin dancehall, even vocal impressions: he can juggle a lot of different characters! 
  • Fiercely original, he has always been drawn to shed light on controversial topics through his original music and writing. 
  • Upon moving to Tampa Bay he did a 2 year stint playing guitar a la Carlos in a Santana tribute band.  Then he paid bills out on the Gulf beaches with OO LA LA, a disco/funk show band, and CULTURE SHOCK, a variety duo.
  • Since 2005, he has self-produced two albums: My Shadow and Bounce International. These sensual yet humorous CDs are for sale through CDbaby.com
  • No matter what year it is, MC Radiance can ride the flow... and put on a kickass show!